Existing mutual funds to continue or not

I have invested in the following mutual funds for long term goals. Please suggest if the below funds are good one to continue ?

As the market is not good right now please suggest if i can continue investing further or not.

SBI Blue chip fund direct (g) -- 3000 ( last 2 years)
SBI Magnum Equity ESG Fund Direct Growth - 3000 (Last 2 years)

Motilal oswal multicap 35 fund direct growth - 3000 (Last 1.5 years )

All these funds are in negative right now.


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SIP for we retailers is best in todays market since we would be accumulating and be able to reap the harvest in the long term... If you have a time horizon of 5-10 years ahead, this correction is a boon for investors because valuations are ought to become cheap... Even if Nifty falls to 7000, even if in quarters to come GDP falls to 4% please continue to SIP... As growth resumes which has to happen in due course this cheap accumulation will give you multi-fold return in long term... Whatever you do, please do not let go that multi-cap fund for next 5 years...

In the mean time, if you want to invest fresh cash on top of your ongoing SIP, as per current market scenario I would suggest lumpsum into debt funds like ICICI Prudential Constant Maturity Gilt Fund for next 3-5 years.

This way you would stay invested in Equity to accumulate using SIP while market corrects and prepares for next bull run and at the same time offset yourself with risk-free return...

If you don't like any of these then simply lumpsum into National Savings Certificate (NSC) for next 5 years (cannot exit before maturity) for absolutely risk free ~44% return...

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