Exclusive Trading Psychology

I believe Trading Psychology is more important than technical......My experience is 90%.....Trading is depend on Trading Psychology.....:thumb:
Never trace too many stocks....

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You have to back test your strategy....
Review your ..... max gain ,max drawdown

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My trading system stats...... all true
Number of Trades 197
Number Profitable 183
% Profitable 92.89%
Max peak-to-valley drawdown 20.13%
Cumul. Return 42.9%
Avg win 107.96
Avg loss 376.85

According to you. trading is 90% depend on Trading Psychology and my trading psychology is not good......... will I lose money trading this system? :confused:
You are most likely to loose because by your own admission : your trading psychology is not good ! Of the 14 loosing trades out of 197, you are most likely to continue holding position beyond your exits and in the 183 profitable trades you are most likely to exit much early before the system exits !

Your trading system stats will remain profitable but not your bank account.

A trading system is just one 'minor' part of a successful trading strategy !


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Good one Galts. Read Ayn Rand long back, and her philosophy had influence in my thinking. However, have learnt that in life there are a caveat to everything. It is only in theory, that we can argue in black and white, but in life, not so. In areas of science where logic is a basis for all arguments, even scientist don't have clear answers. For example is light a wave or a particle? :( How can checking on premise answer this question that puzzled even the great AI.? Markets are either bullish or bearish. So how does sideways fit into the equation? Bulls and Bears have a view on the market to make money. How about Option specialist who make money by not holding any view? My 2C, and not contradicting anything to what you say.... Just holding an alternative way of thinking..... Cheers.

Contradictions do not exist in Life ... Whenever you have contradiction, check your premises ... You will find one of them to be wrong - Ayn Rand ...
Conserving energy for the next kill

As traders, waiting and being patient can increase your Torpedo hit............If you are an Elephant hunter then always wait for right time........
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