Excel, time based copy to another sheet using DDE(Qlink from E-signal) help


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Hi, This is going to be long:
I have a plug-in for excel(Qlink from E-signal) which gives me data in excel. I need to copy from here and paste(only values) into sheet1 of the same file.
The data is time-based, (5 minute interval, 15 minute interval, etc). I want the Macro/VBA to check whether the interval is continuos or not and then leave appropriate number of rows for the data to be filled in by user(not sure if it can automatically expand the DDE input and get the data to fill in).
Since there is no data on weekends it would be great if it didn't get stuck on those dates/times not having data.
Is all this possible with VBA? If yes, can someone point me to where I need to start? I need tonnes of other functionality not sure if VBA would be the best way to go.
Please let me know if you can help. Teamviewer and Skype, if anyone would like to see the sheets etc.

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