European stock market close- TIMBERRRRRR

European stock market close 18 September 2015

FTSE 1.5%
Cac -2.8%
Dax -3.2%
Ibex -2.5%
FTSE Mib -2.7%

European bonds

Italy 1.77% -14bp
Spain 1.95% -15bp
Portugal 2.52% -15bp
Germany 0.667% -11bp
Greece 8.17% -19bp

It could have been worse as they were further down than this. Greece adds some weekend risk

Monday will be interesting at nse :)


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More evidence that the Fed should have raised interest rates and not worried so much about global uncertainties. After keeping rates at Zero for more than nine years, their overly accommodating nature has created lackadaisical corporate structures and unsustainable asset bubbles.

They really should have hiked 0.25% and sent a message of certainty (it's not much to ask).

If fact, by doing nothing, they ended up confirming the slowdown and adding fuel to the uncertainty. No wonder the Fed's credibility (even relevance) has been questioned on several occasions.
well, Fed dint raise the interest rates quoting the global economic concerns which submerged the global equities in red leaving markets uncertain about the Fed interest rate hike timings

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