"Don't want to be born"

Saw a movie by this name way back in 1982. A horror film it was with a rather ghastly & eerie theme....in the usual Stephen King mould. Today's newspaper with the tragic headlines & photographs of the killer quake across our part of the world made me wonder if our world was a safe place to live in. Never mind the self-destructive ways of our fellow-men, Nature too seems to be intent on punishing defenceless man in her own awesome way for perhaps the waywardness of the human race & it's calculated destruction of our life-sustaining planet earth. Our flimsy & fragile existence against such great odds reminds me of Elton John singing "Candle in the wind". Technology has absolutely no answer to Nature's fury & should make us all wonder....What next? Life is getting to be so uncertain with every passing day, be it with the vagaries of Nature or the rat-race of daily life that we all find ourselves embroiled in. So..... what of the kids waiting to be born..........what's in store for them? I don't want to be a downright pessimist but here's one view in verse from the perspective of a womb-dweller...........

The life that snuggled inside the womb,
Felt the earthly tremors that had spelled doom;
There was'nt much standing, not even a room,
As the once tall abode became a tomb.

Mummy please tell me what's going on outside,
I really don't know, am I safe inside?
There's no big hurry, my time I'll bide,
For once I'm born I'd have to run & hide.

Today it was the earth that was shaking,
A week ago the hurricane blowing;
The rains it was that caused all the flooding,
Last year the Tsunami & a discotheque burning.

And don't forget the bombs & the guns,
Spreading their messages, all violent ones;
Wherever one turns, wherever one runs,
They're snuffing out lives of our daughters & sons.

Let's say all's well & peaceful & nice,
Complacency comes with a terrible price;
Life today is a roll of the dice,
It's all about playing cat & mice.

You brace yourself against all odds,
And come out on top, thanking the Gods;
Just when you think you've done enough to be Lord,
You'll be cut down to size by some poor sod.

That's life as it is, on top one day,
The pits maybe the very next day;
So listen Mom to what I've got to say,
I'll be where I am, 'tis a nice place to stay.

Mom I think I do know what's going on outside,
I also do know that I'm safe inside;
There's no hurry at all, my time I'll bide,
For now I don't want to run & hide.


very good. Earnest prayer to see world as a heven. but things move on its own way. Who is responsible for all this and to whom blame? Just look and live as time rewarded and the day come one when there will not be any grumbling about. All ends one's life also. Is it the answer for all ?
Very nice,Jaideep...........very nice!

Thanks everybody, for the appreciation & nice words. It was a spontaneous outflow of my emotions in verse soon after the tragedy struck. It is painful to me to say even today that the pain & suffering of the affected ones have still not been alleviated. Enormous task of relief & rescue is on everywhere & I am sure good souls in this august forum are part & parcel of the drive, at least in spirit if not materially. Everybody needs support from everybody right now. That's the magnitude of the suffering.

AND...lest we forget....please, a prayer for the unfortunate departed souls.....many, many children among them...budding lives snuffed out before their bloom.....they all deserved to die better (if that's the comparative to be used) than they did. R.I.P. AMEN!


Active Member
Nice one, Jaideep. The poem reminded me of Abhimanyu and the Mahabharat. I think he learnt that from his mother's womb but for some reason could not learn how to come out of it. As for the trajedy, what can one say about such things.

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