does indiabulls demat account not allow mutual funds buying ?

I wanna open a indiabulls trading account..they are charging 900 rs onetime and taking 0.5% for deleivery. I asked them about buying MFs but they say its not possible thru them ?

Is it true indiabulls demat holders cant buy MFs online :confused:

Please enlighten

Hello Sumit ,
I will not be able to answer your question very specifically.

But can provide you a comparison.
I opened an account with Share Khan recently , Chennai.

One Time :
Annually : 400
Delivery : .25
Intraday : .05
Mutual Fund , Not yet activated , but he commited that he would , and I would be able to access online.
And also Futures and Options rates he would reduce , from default 2.5% (options).

Option 2 :
One Time fee can be reduced , to 400 ,
if you deposit Rs.10,000 with them.
This is completely refundable and initially put into your trading account.
Something like show of strength - Margin amount.

Hope this information is helpful to you.

Try searching online and mailing the directly to various brokers , too seek more info.

Also : I don't think you have posted it in the right section. Please use the forum well.


Aces J

Thank all , Share Knowledge.


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nope they don't allow MF buy.

Besides ur paying too much brokerage.
mine is
iday: .03%
& del: .30 %

ask ur RM to lower ur brkrg or tell him/her ur gonna close ur accnt........this will do