Does an arbitrageur make money?.......ever?

arbitraging is a's not speculation or's a skill based work jus like doctors,painters and cricketers...ya,a bit tedious and hectic but it's better than speculation...

HELLO ALL, hey any arbitrageurs here........... how many of you think that an arbitrageur can make money in the long run


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hi ,
I want to know ,actually what arbitragers do ,what are the process for arbitrage ,is there any software to spot arritrage oppurtunities.
Arbitrage is a dying a slow but certain death. Reason is that NSE has allowed program trading for certain class of brokers. So tech savvy and well capitalized brokers having access to program trading can put in place custom made software and server hardware to replace jobbers and such professional.

A decent software and hardware combination using a good connection to the exchange can monitor quotes of several thousand stocks, futures and options simultaneously for arbitrage opportunities and place orders automatically to make small profits. On the other hand a human being can keep an eye on only a limited number of stocks at any given times.

So, now is not the time to enter the business of arbitrage.