DIWALI Greetings

To all my fellow traders here,
Wishing you all the joy and cheer
that the festival of lights always brings;
May you move on to better and greater things.
Wishing Traderji and everyone in this forum a very HAPPY DIWALI........ :)


Active Member
Jaideep, Like Deewali which is a festival of lights
Your poetry delights
You take expression in verse to new heights
It reminds one of bullish trends and rocket flights
Though Deewali these days is associated with more wrongs than rights
Everybody hopes for a better year on Deewali nights.
In Traderji's context, let us aspire for an ascending trend in qualitative verbal fights( Friendly of course)
Also pray to god for better pattern recognition and vision for graphic sights

Happy Deewali and prosperous new year to everyone.

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