Discount brokerage_multiple day margin position

Icicidirect allows margin position to be kept open for a settlement cyle ie intraday position on margin can be kept open for more than one day.
Do anyone here know any discount brokerage which allows a margin buy position to be kept open till next day.
As far as I know Zerodha do not provide this facility.

IndiaBulls provides 2X subjected to interest penalty.

Wisdom Capital Provides 3X for delivery subject to intrest/penalty.

Thanks ms.hatimtai for your reply,

say If one buys a share with 30% margin blocked & sell the share tomorrow .
He will be liable to pay interest on the remaining 70% amount for one day.
Is my understanding of "subjected to interest penalty" correct.

hi all,
I'm planning to resume my trading after 4 years but with new broker (discount). Earlier i had an account with Sharekhan(which i opened only bcoz i got it free) and i hardly traded for 3 months and ended up in loss.I'm not following that account since 2010 and i dont know its current status(however i can still login to thier terminal with given ID).
I also checked my KRA status which reads ''OLD RECORDS SUBMITTED'' as of mid 2012.

How long will it take to open a new account ? And do i need to contact my previous broker prior to changing ?
Do i need any extra documents(other than PAN & address proof)

any help is highly appreciated.