Discount Broker for Scalping.

I saw post by ashu1234 in Zerodha Part 3. It says

"I talked only about the execution which means if i want to execute my order at any given point of time i get quotes without freeze. Big trading houses are using ODIN only because of it, coz its simple business, punch it on right on time. Dont know about which odin you used, may be small broker, but check all traditional broker, they have ODIN running throughout years uninterrupted. please dont compare other exotic features, I just mean quotes and execution." :thumb:

I am highly agree with ashu1234. If you are a day trader making 4/5 trades daily and want to capture 1% 2% or even 5% in just one trade it doesn't matter which software you use because you make Market Orders.

But for day trader like me who do Scalping and momentum trading who makes 50-100 trades daily and especially on Limit and Stop Loss Orders for very thin profit, order execution timing is very crucial part.

I have account with Zerodha they are Cheap but Order Execution is Slow.:mad:
I have account with IIFL their Order Execution is Fast but Brokerage is High.:mad:

I have tried 3 traditional brokers and 3 online brokers but they use same software so same problem exist.

I want to know Is there any Brokers who are Cheap as well Limit Order execution is high. Its only criteria. No need any other features. Traders please help :confused:


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i expected slippage in your statement, it is unavoidable in scalping.... try your target 1 point below are above round number... :thumb:

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