Diaries of a Unsucessful Trader

One of my favourite quotes from YTC

The most „fundamentally‟ bullish stock will still fall if the sentiment of the crowd is bearish, and
they don‟t want to own it.
The most technically perfect breaking of a neckline of a head and shoulder pattern (which is
supposedly bearish) will fail to reach its projected target, if the sentiment of the crowd at this
point changes to bullish, and they all want to buy this stock.
It’s not about the fundamentals or technicals.
It’s about people... and the decisions they make about market direction."
New Task YTC Page 35 Examples of CPB, Find trends on HTF and cpb on LTF, Understand how price movement worked, Note down pain areas of CT.


Chart of Axis Bank from 27 November to 9th Dec on 30 Min Trend was down, Posting chart with S/R Levels.
Shall analyse day by day

Lets assume today is 27th November and we can see data till 26th November

Markings on chart for 26th November should be something like this


I have edited this to keep it simple for now just Keeping eye on original Task of a possible CPB
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