If any trader would have noticed that today diamond stocsk did extremely well, classic diamonds and suraj diamonds and many more..did very well??

course i did make my money when i got the call.

CLASSIC DIAMONDS and SURAJ DIAMONDS look to rise more on thursday..traders can catch it if it opens in the green..

Nifty futures traders can buy NIFTY futures at 10:30 am (look at the trend) and keep the buying price as stop loss and sell the futures stock at profit.
Traders can also try rajesh exports and nagarjuna constructions for intra day gains.

PS: I can give intra day calls for this week only, if the traderji chatroom works i will try to be there at market opening time.



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Dear SF
I read in Business Line, a daily, that Cipla is now going through a very strong upward trend, chartwise, abot 10 days back.
But then, while I bought at Rs, 350.50, panicked and sold at Rs. 345.2 during a dip on last Friday.
Now the Script has started rising. I think it was Rs. 360 on tuesday.
1) Believe in such chart based recomendations.
2) In case of doubt in the dip times, sell 50% and hold the rest.

it looks like it is advisable to buy Cipla even now.

IF you are a long term trader or a mid term trader..in the pharma sector CIPLA are one the pioneers, i have been holding this stock for a long time and i am very confident about its movement in the long run, i think it will rise heavily in the long run and would say that you can buy at these levels and buy more at DIPS in the long run..

PANIC can be your worst enemy , i have learnt my lesson because of it, i hope you have too.


PS: I am very very bullish on the cement sector for the next 3-5 months and expect a huge runup in the some of the large caps and mid caps in this sector.

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