Developing trading client for NSE

Hi All,
I am not a trader on daily basis and i cannot pay monthly price for any trading client.
So I also want to develop a trading client for NSE India may be something like NOW.
From where can i get NSE api for developing trading client.

What type of protocol NSE is using for developing a client.

Hi All!
We don't know if it is possible to develop for everybody, but if details get revealed we are interested, too.
You surely need a bank account for trading. Do you have one? Do you want to connect your existing account to NSE?
Best regards:
Thanks for the reply.
1) I am looking for software development and not interested in the trading.
2) Development of software does not require any bank account or NSE trading license or account linking to NSE .
3) Once the developed product will be mature enough, anything can be done.
4) I am interested to know which protocol NSE is using.
5) Has it already started using FIX.


nse has till not started using fix protocol , its using the tcp/ip connection and raw binary packets till date....

i have one application which can trade directly on nse if any one interested then contact me...

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