Delivery Charges - Zerodha

Hi ,
Can anyone guide me , where in Zerodha can I find and download to an xls the total delivery charges incurred when I buy a stock for delivery.

I tried to figure out in console but I see brokerage charges for FO and Intra day , not for Delivery based buying.

I am aware that brokerage charges are zero for delivery , but there are other costs that add up to the net price

A very basic need to track

Date. Stock BoughtQTY Price. Total Charges( all charges ie delivery , STT , etc etc)
Thanks for the response, but I am looking for something I can download in xls , charges per equity delivery ( for a period and not individually calculate .
Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 7.58.03 PM.png

Attached a screenshot from another broker . Is there something similar in Zerodha