Debt MF - DHFL

I have invested in LT Money Market fund where DHFL is part of portfolio. LT Money Market fund where the portfolio is exposed to 2.2% of total AUM. The commercial paper is maturing on 25 June .
It's not known whether interest is paid and also whether are they ready to pay principal which is maturing on 25 June.
Whether to exit or to stay ?
Already fund NAV lost by 1.6 %.
Will there be further loss ?
I have got no response from LT AMC!
I have goal of 5years for this portfolio having LT fund, so I can't have equity. So, I need a fund where I need to use the corpus for day to day expenses.
Can't trust any AAA rating, so I am thinking to stick with Quantum /PPFAS liquid which only Invest in gilt short duration. PPFAS has some exposure to HDFC/NTPC anyway.

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