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What a fantastic collection, from Quora

What are some mind blowing life hacks?

  1. Start every phone call with “My battery is almost dead”. That way you can hang up on them at any time.
  2. Forward spam texts to 7726. Your carrier will respond and ask you what number it came from.
  3. Hit the space bar twice for a full stop, and the next letter will be automatically capitalized too.
  4. Instead of crossing words out with lines, cross them out with letters, so they won't be legible.
  5. If the person sitting in front of you on a flight reclines their seat all the way back and leaves you with no room, turn on the air con above you to full blast and point it at the top of their head.
  6. The best way to charge your phone faster is by switching it to airplane mode before plugging it in.
  7. Wet your nail clippers before using them. Your clippings won't fly everywhere.
  8. Boost range of your key remote by holding it against your chin.
  9. If you'd like to use emojis on your Mac desktop, simply press Control + Command + Spacebar to open the emoji menu.