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Russia was defending Syria from AlQaeda and/or West and allies

Now 2 pronged attack is ongoing:
Israel vs Syria and US / NATO vs Russia via Ukraine by supplying weapons and fueling the conflict still further.

Russia lashes Israel as satellite images show ‘disabled’ Damascus airport after raid

Moscow condemns ‘vicious, provocative’ attacks; both runways in Syrian capital hit three times; Israel has accused Iran of using civilian flights to transfer weapons to Hezbollah

An Israeli satellite intelligence firm published images showing significant damage to the runways, which it said disabled the entire airport.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday evening condemned the “vicious practice” of Israeli strikes on civilian infrastructure, which it said were “provocative” and “in violation of the basic norms of international law.”

Israel frequently targets Iran-tied facilities and convoys in Syria, and relies on a “deconfliction mechanism” agreed with Moscow to avoid direct confrontation with Russian forces there. Israel’s ties with Russia are being strained by the Ukraine conflict, however, and Friday’s bitter comments from Russia about the Syrian strike underlined the rising friction.

Syria’s state media reported that Israeli jets struck targets south of Damascus at around 4:20 a.m on Friday, wounding one person and causing material damage.

Looks like the conflicts are here to stay for a while so expect lower levels for stocks in the near term...
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