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There is no "settings" menu !!
Once u open Tapatalk,

Goto >Last icon (profile), looks like a person image
scroll to bottom > select settings

scroll and select signature
under that it'll show u all the forums that u've added

option 1
disable for forum post

option 2
disable for forum PM

u can turn both off.

If u want to promote Tapatalk, just select "Sent using Moto XYZ using Tapatalk"...
then just edit the line to whatever you like.


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HDFC car loan customer care executives calling me to pay cheque bounce charge of Rs. 600+, that cheque bounced because of Chennai flood related issues in 2015,m ay b problem between banks, my account has enough money, my bank is federal bank, hdfc calling me twice in a month :( I have to explain details every time to different callers ,


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