data plugin developement for amibroker

Import into AmiBroker's DB!! What sense does it make to use MS Access or SQL. Seriously.

hi trash,

i was trying to make a plugin with adk provided by amibroker, rest all is understood, but am not being able to push data to amibroker, cant find a function to do that , ?// can u help


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AmiBroker Development Kit is filled with examples on creation of data plugin and function plugins.
Direct JSON parsing is possible you just have to feed the JSON parsing logic in getQuotesEx() function.
Thanks..i thought readily import functionaty is available..


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convert json to csv format then use ole
but how to import json to amibroker without formatting & without converting unix timestamp.
normally I get and convert json data in other db..but don't want to run that db for performance issue..

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