Data Feeder For Amibroker


try this modified .exe file extract this files to ur installation folder and if enable run as administrator remove it

open amibroker and create a blank database file
no of bars 10000
time interval 1minut
when ur using 1st time click delete all data it will delete all existing symbol form amibroker
if there is any difficulties pls mail to me
Hello Dinesh,

downloaded your utility , added to the path. (i mean amibroker folder)
Created new database - configured database
clicked connected
clicked backfill - it downloaded data in txt in amibroker folder

problem : no symbol created , data not saved in database

please help
every 1 minit 5 day backfill data will be updataed from yahoo finance and 15 days 5 mbackfill
Hi sir How to get 1 min data ?
I found the option for 5 min data which is "15 day backfill"
But i cant find 1 min data.

Also i am getting this error mentioned in the screenshot
After which data for all symbols (5 min)using the "15 day backfill" option is not backfilled.


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