Daily historical data for more than 2 years

Hi All,

I have been using metastock only for some time now. However, I realised that een though I hae data ranging back to 2000 I am unable to iew more than 2 years of data when I set the frequency to daily. (Please see screenshot).

I am able to see the data if I set the freq to weekly though...

Can someone help me with it?

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while opening the data go to options and look in for load options. see how many bars in load make it to 10000 and then ok it. It will work
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Hi Boopathy,

Thanks for the prompt response. I think what you said was for realtime data. I already have that setting to 10000 in my setup. I use the Metastock in offline mode application.

Please let me know what else I can try.


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Hi Rashmi,

If your Load Options is highlighted with 10000 records and you are not able to see more data, though you have data with you, then go to downloader and sort data once and then remove all files from mssmart directory and then open any chart. Please post whether this is working.

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Is the data RT data or EOD data?
Must be EOD as Metastock shall not accept RT data for 10 years.
Do you see data starting from a particular date only or you can see data for 2 years for any period? Say you set the dates to see data from 1st April 2001 to 31st March 2009, what period data is displayed?
Now try to display data for say from 2000 to 2003, are you able to ?

I have faced similar situation in my RT data but never in EOD data.
Ok. I got the fix to the problem. I double clicked on the X Axis and reset the load data from 2008 point to 2000. This loaded the entire data. But anyone knows how I can make this the default setting for all stocks?

@RK: This is EOD data I have.



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Go to open. In the open wizard, at right hand side top corner, you will find "options" tab. Click on that tab. You will find "Load options...".

Here you can choose number of records you want metastock to load anytime when you open the chart.

But remember. Once you set the number of records, you need to open at least one chart. Then onwards Metastock automatically opens ANY chart with the same Number of record every time - provided that much data is available.

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