Cup And Handle In Ispat And Triveni

Hi Prabhajeet,

Would like to know if Triveni is a buy at the current levels. Do not know how to read charts but its at its 52 week high and wish to know if its on its upward momentum to break another high.

Thanks for your views.


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Guys who have positions in both these counter dont worry about the targets or short term buy price just hold them for about 6 months and enjoy the ride.

At the time when i had noticed the cup and handle formation on these counters the technical target for ISPAT was 55 and TRIVENI was 210, ISPAT has crossed its target a long time back but for TRIVENI ther is still some room left but that does not mean ISPAT is a SELL now hold on follow the trend its a multibagger
Two bulk buy orders of 6 lac and 4 lac shares were seen yesterday afternoon at price of Rs.71.

Informed circles are accumulating at this price.


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Guys holding ISPAT beware it is into a very overbought region and may come down today or tomorrow, partial profit booking is advisable


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i have heared that ispat crossing 85+ and target is 110 till the end of dec....
will it can go or not.... i have purchased at 73 wat can be done....
If you are planning to hold for 6 months dont get bothered by dips these are buying points only, only short term players should book partial profits

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