Cryptocurrency debit card needed!

I see there like 9 different cards for every possible situation here, which exactly do you want from that lists ? Please also while selecting them post how do they actually differ lately, ok ? How is it going really ? Please do that job correct.
Which card do you mean here ? Something where you could withdraw all your money from the various exchanges or what really ? Please do let me know anyway. Thanks in advance please. I really couldn't understand anything else from that.
Are these cards registered on some other offshore company or so ? I would be scared to link my bitcoin wallet to some really unknown sources cause you know something bad may happen, do you have some people who already ordered here ?


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A resident Indian cannot apply for a debit card issued by any foreign country sitting here in India. It is illegal as per FEMA rules and considered as money laundering.
Last poster is totally correct that's why we need to do some other way. I would say taxes in India are huge simply no matter what you really do. I do hope to make it really possible. Can we do some other like that for sure ? Pay the taxes, give your bank account and hire accountant.
Not sure why do you need that card like many others already have been stated entirely and clearly. Such card will not needed in any case please. You can simply use some usual and that's really it. See my point ?

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