Crude_Fools Black Gold Strategy


I have been reading lot of threads, have come across lot of helping Samaritans and of course some useless mongers as well, but in the spirit of sharing information I would like to put-forth a strategy. I call it FOOLS BLACK GOLD yes you read it correct I have coined this name [FOOLS GOLD] for the plain reason being it doesn't rely on any indicators nor fundamentals nor technical's. Its plain maths based trades on three day min/max value and for the sake of security have come up with SL figures as well. How one leverages this concept and propagates profits would depend on ones adaptability. Please note if you are to trade on these triggers please stay light - trade minis in very less lot till you are convinced and comfortable. I am not a financial adviser nor an ace trader but in bargain of learning new things came up with these stats and formulas. There may be people who may be using it but am not aware of those. Based on the bhaav copy embedding snapshots for 6 month trade triggers and my dear friend who is a beginner has been trading on these triggers and he has been intelligent enough to scale up and trail all the way till the signal reverses

How to trade?
* To begin with you would need OHLC figures for three consecutive days. One can get those from mcx site once you have it you can progressively go on updating the file that you would be preparing
* Trigger point column is the signal for the current day
* If its a buy trigger trade to be taken at the when previous day high is broken by 2-3 points (you can put filter of your choice)
* If its a sell trigger trade to be taken at the when previous day low is broken by 2-3 points (you can put filter of your choice)
* Trade can be squared off at day closure or scalped as per your convenience 10-20-20-40 points
* I hold these trades naked without SL and square off next day @ opening if I get a reverse signal
* I can say for a reason if you stick to this with discipline you would never end-up in loss - but profit bucketed cannot be extrapolated as it depends upon ones ability to adapt
* If you break rules of-course there will be loss incurred
* There will be days when there are no trades as PDH or PDL doesn't breach
* There may be days when our trades would go negative when trend changed - CAUTION. but if you stick to your guns you would not end in loss

Again - my close friend has been following it to the teeth and is in profits :) not cr's but few thousand ~ happy trading

Month wise split

Questions receive this far

[1] Where can I get bhaav copy to update figures
Over here -- >> Select the commdoity, dates and contract expiry and you will get OHLC figures

[2] Can you share the strategy?
Yes, I will and I have. Everything is transparent on this thread nothing to hide - I work for an opensource IT product firm and a "WHITE HAT" hobbyist by principle and I stick by opensource principles and white hat fundamental :)

[2a] What is White Hat you ask? And am glad you ask -- link below

[3] Can you forward me the excel?
Yes I can but I will not. I have the formulas mentioned right on this thread. Build the excel yourself it will help you to adapt your trading style and I will help or other will pitch in if you err somewhere

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