Crude Oil Mini trading strategy (trend with hedging)

hi all,

just entered trade - crude jan at 3688, sl presently is 3680. target will be chasing by stop loss or else exit if approx 10 points plus ie roughly 3700 where i will probably exit but depends on the conditions then. both target and sl is dynamic so no fixed values as such, i keep changing these frequently.

lets see.

semi naked chart - time frame 5 min - just 5/20 ema overlays. trade entry is based on assumption that 20 ema will reject 5 ema. most of the times i am wrong, lol. waiting and watching for now.
seems to going well - stop loss is now at buy price - ie 3688, waiting and watching.
ok, going out for a while - exited trade at 3690 since i will not be able to monitor. will try and trade later in the day.
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