Cricket and the Stock Market


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I was reading cricketers Kapil Devs autobiography. I read a moving account of what a tremendous reception they got after winning the world cup in 1983 and just a few months later they were pelted with stones on losing to the West Indies. He states how a captain has to psyche himself for extreme highs and lows straight from the word go. Well that way we are similar to the cricketers, arent we .

I was pondering over other analogies:-

Cricket is considered to be a game of glorious uncertainties. The share market is likewise.

One day cricket would be like Technicals and Test cricket would be like fundamentals. I have never understood why Test cricketers say that Test cricket is the real cricket because it is one day cricket that has so many constraints. Similarly, it is trading that is really tough vis--vis investing in my view although some self styled intellectuals deem otherwise. In Investing there is buy and hold. In tests there is stay and hold fort- so boring. In the good old days it used to be said" A sweet little 50 by Viswanath is more than a double ton by Sunil Gavasker'. Trading is far more exhilerating even with the losses isn't it?

Both Sebi and the board of control for cricket in India are discredited institutions for whatever reason.

Both cricket and share market are fixed to a lesser or greater degree.

Both have a mass following especially after the proliferation of NSE.

Considering India's record or losing finals, both have uncertain tops. Recently, the cricket team is only expreiencing bottoms. A reversal is due-hope it happens against the aussies.

Last but not the least, considering Mandira Bedis influence during the world cup, CNBC seems to have taken a leaf out of their book and added a few attractive females in addition to Shirin bhaan. ( She doesnt look all that good in real life)

The differences
Trading/ Investing is an individual thing though collective shares form a company.
The umpire is the market itself.
Instead of India-Pakistan there are boring bulls and bears.

Any more? Keep thinking. You have three days.
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