Creating a portfolio with rs100000

In this thread I will post my trades..The initial capital is Rs100000...
All trades will be on Equity.....Stock futures will be avoided..Nifty options and futures will be included to hedge portfolio...
though this thread may be of no use to experience technical guys out there...I hope newbies and part timers will benefit from this..Comments are welcome.

current position:
1.Bharti Airtel. 36 shares @ 690 = 24840
2.Balaji tele . 625 shares @ 40.2 = 25125

cash balance= 50100
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Its been a long time since your last post....
First of all khudos to you..You were among the few bulls who adviced me to buy aggressively at 2500-700 range....I follow technicals and only after 3150 was crossed i started buying...i was bit hesitant to act on your advice then....any way,hope this thread will be active..keep updating the portfolio..Eager to know how it performs


I 'm making decent losses from time to time & since the time i m into trading. I would love to wathc ur portfilio grow of 1 lkah and i also grow with u. Please tell the timely exit also and other scripts to buy and churn.....

Keep doing ur good work bro....

portfolio update

Balaji Tele-sold 625 shares at 51=31875
cash in hand= 50000
bharti holding 36 shares value= 27000

total value = 108875
Hi !

I am also the newcomer. To begin with I have the capital of Rs 1.5 Lacs for the investment. Lemme know which stocks to be bought & at what price?

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Re: portfolio update

Hi All !

I have the investment plan of Rs 1.5 Lacs for the trading. Lemme know which stocks to begin with & at wat price?


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