Countries smaller than Gurgaon are playing the World Cup

yes. but India plays cricket world cup, but still finds hard to win when the same 10 teams play evry 4 years... lol 10 teams.....

how many ppl ever watch I league or ISL games.. or even talk abt it.... Chetri plea made some yield..... but its temporary........
I think the main reason is the lack of interest by the people towards this sport. But the position of the team is getting better and better. European countries have the benefit of awareness of football. Moreover, the climate also matters a lot for the betterment of a sport.
It will take some time before India will play in the Football World Cup. The reason for this is that football is not at the grass-root level like other sports like cricket. However, times are changing. There are big investments in the football side. We will see India at the world cup at sometime of our lives.


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This shows that quality matters, not quantity. You must see the dynamics behind it as well. Cricket is the main sports which is followed by more than a billion people. I am sure that with the right policies, India will be able to qualify for the world cup in the near future.
Yes, I never seen India in a sport like a football here, is it simply not allowed by some reasons or what the goal is about that ? However being outside India I never heard much about popularity of the cricket for example. So please do let me know all this.

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