Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

The recent market crash is a result of the war, inflation and interest rate hikes by the US. If the number of covid cases rises once again then it will be like adding fuel to the fire.
I think the global economy was sitting on the edge even before the pandemic and the culmination of events has tipped it over.
The threat we are facing now is not corona anymore. Inflation and rising prices are a matter of concern at this point which is caused by international issues. All financial markets were affected by this crisis and I hope things will get better soon.
There’s no financial market that has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Now that the pandemic is over, the market has started to face another series of problems like inflation, etc. There are chances of global market recession, so there are chances of a crash, but we cannot be sure of the severity of the crash.
I think the threat we faced with the pandemic is almost over. The vaccination drive and all the measures taken have helped us to come back to a normal life now. I just hope that we no longer have to be fearful of corona virus impacting our lives or the stock market in the future.
The pandemic is losing its ground. But inflation, global recession, and FED rates (that will impact the Indian economy severely) are on their way to influencing the stock market. There have been major events previously, though. So to say that there would be something like a ‘never before crash’ is highly unlikely.
I think at this point we can’t really be sure as the situation with the virus has completely left us yet. It’s still lingering in the background. All that can be done is wait and watch the news and stay prepared to sell incase of a crash. Inflation is another issue we need to address. I do hope the market recovers completely.
I think matters are not only about the virus but inflation and other issues happening globally. We have to be sure to have a plan in case the prices drop suddenly so we save ourselves from loss. All we can do is hope that in a few months, the situation changes for the better.
I think the situation is much better now and hopefully we won’t see another crash due to corona. My only concern is inflation at the moment. We must be prepared to deal with that. Other than that the stock market is going fine in my opinion.

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