Could anyone suggest me one online mutual fund site?

I am not sure if this would be a positive answer to your question, but I make all my investments through Reliance mutual funds.I find the website very helpful with the information that they provide to new investors and also there information about various mutual fund schemes that they offer.The company is growing very exponentionally so investing in their funds seems like a very good idea in the current scenario.

yes there are many online Mutual fund investing site.

all offer all mutual fund purchase under one roof. All offer free account opening. No need to pay any charge apart from courier charges.

I have personal experience with Fundsindia and moneysights. They are doing really great job.

Just visit this link. This is about the recent moneysights offer. avail this and take informed financial decisions.

Happy investing!!!
You may visit where online investment option is available. Online investment is available to those users who have online banking facility. You may like to try this out which is a good and easy way to invest in online.


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