Complaince Action By ILFS

I use ILFS Smartinvest i bought some shares on 4th & 5th december amounting Rs.XXXX & YYYY . & , the due date for transfer of money was 06/12/07 & 07/12/07 respectively which i transferred on time. The nxt day i got a call frm ILFS dat there is a debit of XXXX+YYYY in ur A/C , which i told them dat i hav already transferred the money on the due date.
On monday i.e. 10/12/07 i got d same call again , still i told dem dat d amt has been transferred on the 7th. , but later dat day (10th dec.) i came to know dat actually they hav sold some of my shares w/o my consent , i immedeatly called the customer care but of no use , they say they hav a lot of ppl 2 luk after and they just cant keep on luking after one person .
Now i am planning a complaint , but is my point rght in complaining and also will there b anybody 2 hear my complaint???????

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