commodity tips provider in India?

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who is the good commodity tips provider in India?
Sir dont trap in commodity tip providers advertisements and first learn your self then enter esle will burn your own finger. If some is so knowledgeable then he will trade himself and not waste his time to provide tips. Actual trading is very different. Tips are only for hitting Sl most of time. Dont depends on others just learn basic and do your trade yourself with proper stoploss. Dont over leveraged your position and do happy trading and make money. But move like turtle and not like rabbit. This is like other business here money is not flying in air. Its need lots of hard work.Hope you understand and protect yourself.:):thumb:

I'm totally agree with your advice but a professional trader much more better make trade in commodity than a experienced or a newbie.
Because no one can 100% accurate predict commodity futues prices or market conditions.
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