closing price vs tick average

Dear all,

I am using sharkhan speed trade software for intrday trading.They are giving intraday charts. I would like to know how to interpret the following lines?

In the charts, there are two line which are yesterday's closing price and today's tick average price (this is moving up and down).

kindly advice me how to interpret these two lines along with MACD? When should i go long or short along with MACD?

Please post your views.



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hi gopu
This is what I do in speedtrade

right click on thechart and select intraday bar size. after 15 mins into the trading day change the intraday bar size to 1 minute. then add study /moving average /e/10 and once more add study/average/E/50.. Addanother study macd.
Look for crossover of 10ema over 50 ema in 1 min and also look for divergences in macd and price.
as the period is minute, there willbe lot of whipsaws. so take care. quite often you can catch good moves.

i am attaching intraday chart of nifty futures.
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Thankyou for guidelines to members. Kindly continue your writeup for
benefit of all the members. I shall be glad if you can send me some
useful tips for using speed trade software and how to decide entry
and exit point for any scrip. My Email ID [email protected]
Hello tane,

I have been using "s" instead of "E" as you said. can you tell me which one is best to use whether S or E? What is the difference between? which one gives correct picture?

please explain.


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