Cheapest Broker for Option Scalping?

does anyone know, cheapest broker for option scalping .
What i mean by scalping is, scalping even 0.3 point move..

I heard about monthly subscription plans, where they deduct brokerage first for month , and break even point is lowest.

Does anyone have good experience in option scalping with any brokerage?

even with 50 quantity lowest Breakeven point

quantity increase breakeven point decrease , we all know that.
it's not the case here.

Thank you
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Tradeplusonline infinity option plan at 99 pe month is totally suitable, for option scalping.
Scalping is all about the lowest breakeven and nothing more


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You can also try bezel broker
Flat 7 rs per executed order.
Flat 1 rs on forex segment
Nest trading facility only cons is they deposit money via NEFT


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Ok finvasia provides a flat rate Rs1.75 per leg so it comes Rs 3.5 for a round trip.
Say for 1 nifty options lot, per leg it would be =1.75/75=0.0233 and for a round trip =3.5/75= 0.0466


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A close second but using a percentage brokerage plan is prem somani at 0.1% on options value but STT are calculated using options value. Rajasthan based broker so stamp rates are the lowest along with Maharashtra n Gujarat
The kicker is that futures brokerage is 0.001% i.e 100 per crore and net total1450 per crore

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