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The midlands shop in South-extension in Delhi has some very good books on trading. I have been looking for a book on charting for investors for a long time. I found two by William J O Niel-

The Successful investor

How to make money selling shorts short

That latter has only charts and no text explanation(given very well on the charts) on how after making faulty cups and saucers, price makes a head and shoulders at the top, and after making three four rallies, breaks down below the 50/200 day moving average on heavy volume which could be a good short sell signal for investors. This is shown in various situations in numerous ways. I think it is a very good book to impart charting sense. Everybody says that Fundamentals tell you what to buy whereas technicals tell you when to buy –these are the only comprehensive books I have seen on the subject.

If you ever had the misfortune to go a psychiatrist, the first thing they show you is strange pictures to gauge what your mind is like and then prescribe the treatment. Everybody does not have the same spatial intelligence and one should never assume that they see what they are supposed to see because common sense is most uncommon . In other businesses, you have a boss hovering over your head who can rectify your mistakes and finetune you. Trading is more of an individual thing and it can only be done this day if we have to support inadequate two way seminars.

Such books impart excellent charting sense- What to see in a chart? In some cases the EPS line is also given in the monthly.
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that's cute sh50. I was looking for this for quite a while. Thanks. I'm visiting Delhi next week and I will buy these. Any other book stores /place in Dehli where I can buy trading books ?
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