Can we trade an NFO-OPT contract after expiry?

Actually I trade NFO-OPT on the next day of expiry so please help me.

I bought "BANKNIFTY JAN 45000 CE" which should expire in the last week of the month but it expiry date is 24 JAN 2024. I trade the next day 25 JAN 2024. How is this possible?
Second thing, Option trading title "BANKNIFTY JAN 45000 CE" which always shows like last week of expiry then why expired 24 Jan 2024 and still running next day 25 Jan 2024?

Would you please explain the above issue? I asked the stock broker then they said that I trade a monthly contract which expired 25 Jan 2024. Someone please give a list of weekly expiry and monthly contact of JAN 2024.

I have attached a record of trading. Please have a look



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1. Stop trading in option .. thats not way to make money . you will only loose in option on yearly basis .
sooner you understand that less u will lose .Bhai option baand karde .

Next time if u trade option Always look at expiry date first
if date is 25 jan 2024 then u should be buying always 31 jan expirty date
and u realized date was 25 so why u traded in 24 in first place

and that screenshot looks photoshop coz there is no banknifty24jan4500ce contract
correct labeling would be banknifty25jan45000ce [which indicate it expires on 25 ] you must have bought that so it expired on same day .

And You only think if option has 7 days to expire that too 45000 why would it be R.s 30 it should be trading like 400 to 500 . here you can find list of jan expiry option

and you go see in option contract note of that day i am sure it be displayed banknifty25jan45000ce
and hey u Stop trading option ok ..Option = Gambling. even pandavs didnt win in that so what chance u have ...

this video is definitely for you
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