buzzing stock: IKF techno 532414

My broker from sharekhan recomends this stock for med to long term..he said they are a turn around..and very impressive..seniors please take a look at

IKF techno: cmp 5.64 532414


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I think buy it.

Here is the story as per rags' link

Whenever the markets are on a boil, there has to be some froth. As the frenzy increases, investors are ready to buy almost any story. And if that story comes in the guise of an undiscovered winner, whose fundamentals are strong, and valuations weak - then it provides additional fuel to the burning desire of those who do not want to be left out.

And when investors are so gullible as to buy into any half-plausible tale, it brings out the creative best in many companies and their stock market advisors. This is also the season where many undiscovered stories routinely take up costly advertising space in this newspaper - hoping to attract attention, usually with the help of some astonishing results or announcements.

A few days ago, I spotted the quarterly result of Hyderabad based IKF Technologies in this paper. For the quarter ended June 2005, their y-o-y revenues multiplied an astounding 314 times! Income went from all of Rs 7.9 lakhs in Q1FY05 to Rs 24.86 crores in Q1FY06. Profits, which were negative in Q1FY05, surged to Rs 2.85 crores. In fact, the entire FY05 sales were only Rs. 8.7 crores, and nearly 94% of these revenues accrued in just one quarter, the one ended March 2005.

Before this, they had never achieved even Rs 1 crore of revenues in any single quarter! Not surprisingly, the great results for the latest quarter are prominently highlighted in red in their result announcement, along with the annualized EPS of Rs 11.2 per (Rs 10) share.

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