Buy right sit tight Or intraday


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I was on quest for finding out .. is it best to trade intraday or buy right sit tight

Suppose you are very good intraday trader trading with 1 lot of Bank nifty and 90K capital
in period of 18/10/2019 to 6/12/2019

34 days in trending market

1850 made in 1 day after brokerage keeping avg 100 pts in treading would have resulted in 60000
thats if u excellent trader and not lost a single day and you are god (offcourse 1 day loss is enough to wipe out entire gain as intra day )

on other hand if you are Devil
if u bought on 18th and sold on 6th
you ate almost 2500 pts
20 x 2500 = 50000 (Risk free as you bought right and sat Tight )

So think over it What you are and how you want to Trade
damm i should make a youtube channel that be hit lmao
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If you already know about the trend, you can make money in n number of ways.
But how many people know it in real-time?

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