Buy lemon tur

sona_mcx said:

What is the latest on TUR , is buy still advisable .

Tur is looking steady and strong. One can take entry with adequate stoploss. Concerning urad, my worst fears (expressed in the earlier post) looks like coming true. Operator game to squeeze the shorts, trigger thier stops and then sell at higher rates.. Urad Mar presently quoting at 2826 (up about 1.75%. This one is also turing out like menthol !!
News in Lemon Tur April

Dear Friends,
Does Any1 hv news in Lemon Tur April? Technically it looks buy. As march contract is expiring on monday(rs. 1700), after a down side from around 2000. I hv 2 lots April short positions. Im playing with rs.40 stoploss. Plz help me. Traderji, Senior member, Mareeche, Sona_mcx,
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