Buy, Hold,Sell decision

_*Decision Making in Stock markets*_

To understand price movements in long run better and to go for Buy, Sell or Hold decisions on stock market, please do not forget to consider
*SCRIPS* of the scrip.

After years of experience I have jotted down the factors as summariesed into acronym *SCRICPS*, which is explained below:

*S* - stands for
*S* hare holding pattern,
*S* ales, *S* upply chain and
*S* tage (infant, growing, maturity, old stage of the company).

*C* - stands for
*C* apital structure (equity, debt),
*C* orporate actions (bonus, buyback, split, Merger& Acquisition) and
*C* ompetitors analysis

*R* -stands for
*R* esrves and
*R* atio analysis as a whole.

*I* - stands for
*I* ndustry analysis,
*I* mage of promoters ,
*I* nformations affecting to company.

*P* - stands for
*P* rofitability ( net, gross)
*P* olicies of company, Government
*P* roduct prospectives.

*S* - stands for
*S* tatements (balance sheet, P&L, cashflow) and
*S* tastical charts.

In my opinion, after thorough analysis of these points, one is able to understand business and prospects of the company. Which is nothing but a real driver of the stock prices.

_Friends! Stock Market is all about patience and perseverance, quick money making and greed driven decisions certainly burn hands in security markets._

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It looks pretty nice and logical, from my perspective. However, it is too vague. An investor can pay their attention to theese tips, but it is still hard to be able to analyze those parameters correctly.


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Where can I find info about equity valuation analysis and dividends prediction? Also what do you think about CFD shares trading? Going to try this option at Hotforex, however they claim they don't pay dividends since you don't own share.
CFD trading can be risky however all trades carries risk in my opinion but what is the option for claiming dividends when we are not actually holding the trade on longer timeframes.

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