Bulk / block deals

Hi ,

I want to understand bulk/ block deals done on NSE by same people .

Here is some sample bulk deals in PCJEWELLER in last few days . I am also attaching excel file of the same for better readability .

DateSymbolSecurity NameClient NameBuy SellQuantity Traded Trade Price Wght Avg PriceRemarksBulk/Del %SourceDEL QTY26/4/2018PCJEWELLERPC Jeweller LtdALPHAGREP COMMODITIES PRIVATE LIMITEDBUY3349326231.740005540.1383Bulk834446626/4/2018PCJEWELLERPC Jeweller LtdALPHAGREP COMMODITIES PRIVATE LIMITEDSELL3349326231.9400024-40.1383Bulk834446626/4/2018PCJEWELLERPC Jeweller LtdSHARE INDIA SECURITIES LIMITEDBUY1973489232.729995723.6503Bulk834446626/4/2018PCJEWELLERPC Jeweller LtdSHARE INDIA SECURITIES LIMITEDSELL1865489234.9900055-22.356Bulk834446626/4/2018PCJEWELLERPC Jeweller LtdWAY2WEALTH SECURITIES P LTDBUY2530984231.0399933-30.3313Bulk834446626/4/2018PCJEWELLERPC Jeweller LtdWAY2WEALTH SECURITIES P LTDSELL2530984231.1999969-30.3313Bulk8344466

My question is how come same parties buy and sell such large quantities . Does this amount to price rigging. According to me the parties for bulk / clock deals has to be different.

Please elaborate your experieinces / feedback .



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