Broker providing highest marging for intraday option selling with minimum brokerage ?


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@Raj232 for aliceblue, the leverage for options is only for index, not otherwise. Also the CO/BO is not applicable for options i guess. Is the brokerage per order or per lot? it says "per lot" on the website

In general, all else remaning the same, i would opt for Aastha over Wisdom any day.

Request other members to share their experience in options trading with different brokers. am keen to know more.
TY! :)


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Is anyone trading intra-day BNF options through Angel Broking? If yes, please throw some light on their intra-day selling leverage , auto square off timing and brokerage charges. Thanks


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So basically if I have Rs 80,000 as capital, and looking to write Banknifty options intraday, whats the qty I can write ?
Zeroda -> 2 lots (no additional charges)
Astha Trade -> 8 lots [very high brokerage of approx 10 (buy) = 30 (sell) per lot]
Finvasia -> 2 Lots
Alice blue -> ??
Upstox -> ??

Aliceblue _ 6 lots on regular days
3 lots on expiry