Broken Of Support Level

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I would like to know if as per the chart most of the analysts are given the Support levels but in panic time these SL are always broken like TSUNAMI and the investors are also rushed to sell their stocks. I request the traderji to explain/clarify that if these SL are broken at any time if it is a good time to invest or not in such the stocks whose fundamentalls are so strong ? Also why any members of this forum did not say the actual falling of the sensex being some of having the knowledge of the technical parameters ?


Everybody knew that a correction was in progress but nobody expected such a steep fall.

Those who must have followed their stoplosses would have been saved. The others...well you know the consequences!
Dear Neal,

I did not say about the STOP LOSS BUT SUPPORT LEVEL which is broken during the any kind of panic at any time. According to the technical parameters thie SUPPORT LEVEL is mostly use by the many savvy investors when the stock price reach to this level they are in buying mode. Hence i know that this SUPPORT LEVEL is broken then it is worth buying the such stock or not ?

Thankyou traderji.

Now you have given a true answer. I ask the investors that once the support level is broken the investing community must sell their holding whenever a relief rally come. Why our senior members do not give their experience in this regard ? These is only for the short & medium term investors only but the long term outlook is strong onecan hold their holding and use the decline at their risk appetite and courage of holding. Strong fundamentally sound stocks never be lost its ground but give handsome profit to its shareholders. So the savvy investors are the winner in this game over a period of time. Time is the most favourite factor in this kind of market.

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gksjam said:
once the support level is broken the investing community must sell their holding whenever a relief rally come.

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You got it correct gsjam! Normally when a support is broken it indicates weakness in that particular stock. So then there is no point holding on to that stock. Morover one can always reenter if proven wrong.

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