Big and Small Nifty

Just like the Big S&P 500 and E mini S&P 500
Big S&P = $ 500 per tick
E mini = $50 per tick
Is there such thing as Big and Small Nifty ?
and can anybody give me a graph of both? superimposed on each other
Also chart of Nifty futures Calender spreads
Just a clarification
What I mean by Big and Small contract is only the $ per tick is different the stocks involved are the same
The only other diff could be tick value
in Big S&P 500 move sin 0.1 increment and E mini S&P 500 moves in 0.25 increments


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Explore nseindia dot com site for contract specification.
Any chart service that can give futures data (like investbulls etc) or your trading platform showing charts, will be able to get you the charts of nf (nifty futures) and mnf (mini nifty futures).

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