Bhavcopy Downloader Filterer v1.1.0 (NSE India) - New version


I am happy to say that Bhavcopy Downloader Filterer v1.1.0 setup (NEW) is upload at rapidshare.

* While downloading wait time is extended from 1 min to 3 min for single file download.
* Create Metastock format file option added.

Currently this software downloads daily Bhavcopy from NSE India .. Filter it for "EQ" and "BE" or ALL data, Create Amibroker import format csv file and Metastock Downloader import format text file

You can directly import the filtered csv file in AmiBroker and txt file in Metastock using Downloader.

For details .. use ABOUT button in the software.

Download :

Please reply if you have liked the software or you have any query.

Full version of this software will be having following features:
1. Download EOD Bhavcopy
2. Filter Bhavcopy for Series i.e. "EQ","BE" and ALL
3. Directly exporting to AmiBroker database without starting AmiBroker.
4. Converting Bhavcopy in Metastock Import file format used by Metastock Downloader
5. And many more...

Thank You



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