Best SIP to invest

Hi Friends,

I'm new to investing.

I'm planning to invest around Rs.5000 /- every month in various SIPs.

Can you please suggest some good plans for long term investment (say 7-10 yrs)?

Many thannks,
Go For a well diversified equity portfolio.

Avoid thematic schems.

Look at funds that have been in existence for more than 5 years and have an established track record.

Stick to the big fund houses : HDFC, ICICI, SBI, FRANKLIN, BIRLA SUN LIFE, RELIANCE

I'm still confused on wht all funds I should invest.

I've zeroed down a few funds which I think are performing well for the past few years( please correct me if I'm wrong) . If there is any other fund which you think is doing good, please include that too.

Can you please recommend on which of the following funds I can invest in? I'm planning to invest 5000/month.

HDFC top 200
Franklin India Bluechip
IDFC Premier equity Plan A
HDFC midcap opportunity
ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan-Cum
Birla Sunlife MNC fund

Note: It's for a long term investment ( min of 7 yrs)

Thanks in Advance,
In my opinion, Birla Sun Life systematic investment planning is best plan to invest in. It gives you the liberty to invest in mutual funds through small and periodic instalments. In fact you can invest as low as Rs. 1000/- on a monthly basis. Moreover you can also select the tenure of the instalments of SIP


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SIP is only a running engine of various mutual fund houses. In my opinion it does no good to investor. Market always runs in a cycle. That means your returns will average out in most of the cases. MF house will take there charges, risk is with you and returns average (I would say it is even lower than one time investment).

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