Best Indian picks

Investment in stock market based upon the analysis for longterm investment look into strong low traded stock like Aptech Ltd,Elgi Equipment,GTL,shyam tele,sri adhi bro,supreme inds,kale consultant,alembic chem,zicom electr,zee telefilms,nucleus software,vesuvius,abshek,fujitsu icim,padmaya telecom,indrapr gas,kopran,lyka labs,mukand,ndtv,moser bear(short term underperformer pick the share when decline),jupiter orga,indrapra gas,spinning mills(vardhman spg&genl,mahavir spg,nahar spg),more focus on agro based industries.
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:rolleyes: Loomba,

As much as fundamentals, Management is also important. Management of companies like Aptech, GTL have a bad reputation to let down the shareholders.

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The price of a company's stock reflects the reputation of the managements!

Ever wonder why the stock price of some companies run by managements with dubious reputation have such low P/E ratios?
I understnad that some management of the companies have not investor's friendly attitude but they are very much concerned about their companies. And to my opinion such companies sould not be ignored on the part of management and such companies are the best companies for long term investment.
Its depend on your mind that how you settle this. If you have patience then you able for long time investment. And surly this will gives you much benefit.
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