Best EOD daily quotes provider for NSE

Does anyone know about best and accurate End Of day daily quotes provider for NSE.
Data *has* to be properly adjusted for splits, dividends, bonuses etc...

I tried using Yahoo free data and data from NSE websites but they have huge gaps in their price chart as the data is not at all adjusted and thus helpful.



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Is there a good "user friendly software" for EOD data at a modest one time or recurring fee?

Software should handle addition/deletion/renaming of stock seamlessly and also handle all myriads of corporate actions.

I am asking this question on behalf of one trading genius whom I met last week.

I place great deal of emphasis on user friendliness for following reason: Unfortunately, owing to some hereditary medical conditions, this genuis fellow has lost his vision but being the bright cookie that he is, he has found ways to work around his disability and he is able to do many of normal activities at same pace as those with normal vision.

Needless to say, I have developed my own EOD data downloading solution which was hitherto easy and straight forward for me but I have placed popup confirmation boxes for all addition/deleting/renaming etc.... and corporate actions are handled by more than one software. Therefore, my own solution falls woefully short in fulfilling needs of this vision impaired trader friend of mine.

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