Be Stress and Disease Free

Be Stress and Disease Free

Corporate SSY Program Launched in Bangalore.

Dear fellow professional,

We have so many things common in our lives. Economic success has, unfortunately, brought into focus severe physical, emotional and psychological disruptions many of us suffer from chronic diseases (Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Nervous Breakdowns, Back Ache etc), high stress levels (physical and mental) and an overall sense of non-happiness. Is it not ironic that despite being better off than the previous generations, we are not truly happy, truly ecstatic in life?

What do we do to overcome these? We take medicines (this only cures the symptoms and not the disease itself), go on holidays, get massages, go for counseling etc. These are temporary solutions and quickly we are back to the grind. You already know this happens all around us.

Fortunately, theres a solution to this paradox we all face a permanent solution that removes the cause of the problem! Our ancestors, many thousands of years ago, have prescribed a way of life to prevent and cure such occupational hazards. These have successfully survived the test of time. Today, even modern medical science acknowledges the power of these techniques. You will find below various examples of proof of the power of this way of life.

Rishi Samskruti Vidya Kendra (RSVK) has refined and fine-tuned this time-tested technique and offers this powerful knowledge under a special program called Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY). This program, while extremely simple, brings life-changing benefits to its practitioners. Theres no magic here, just simple science that really works. In the last 26 years, more than 9 lakh people in India, people like you and me, have completed the SSY program and are today leading happier lives.

Dr. Jagdish Hiremath, a well-known Cardiologist from Pune, has undertaken scientific studies on over 400 heart patients at the Poona Hospital and Research Center. Many of them were having blockages in their Cardiac arteries as confirmed by Angiograms. These patients have however preferred to undergo SSY, instead of bypass surgery and are today leading happier lives without any cardiac stress.

RSVK has now packaged SSY (for busy professionals) as a program called Corporate SSY so that we can benefit from this technique while still maintaining our daily routine. We are very happy to say that this program is being launched in Bangalore for the first time. This 8-day, non-residential program starts on Jan 15 and ends Jan 22, 2006.

For more information and registration, please email [email protected] or call 080-26639440, 9341403477. For more information on SSY, please visit

Hear what some of your peers have to say.

Prior to doing SSY in 1997, I was suffering from chronic cervical spondylytis, acute backache since 1992, which further led me to ulcer, insomnia, depression and repeated nervous breakdowns. Today I am in a very good health, with medication reduced to 30%.

Lt Col Sanjay Dadhania, Headquarters 715 (Indep) Air Defence Brigade.

I did SSY in 2004. Until then, I was suffering from sleep disorders, poor memory and a general lack of well-being. Within 1 week of starting the program, I experienced miraculous changes and today, I can confirm that mentally and physically I am a changed person. I am happy for no reason at all. Disappointments in any sphere of life do not affect my state of happiness in any way. All this is possible because of SSY techniques they are so simple that keeping up with it regularly is so easy.

Vishnu Murali Head of Marketing Software Company, Bangalore

I completed the SSY program in 2004. It is an unique experience and has changed my lifestyle for the better. The best part of the program is the method and process in which it is given to participants - simple, effective and results-oriented. I found dramatic improvement in my digestion, energy levels and stamina and helps me relax like nothing else does. I hope all software engineers can benefit from this wonderful program.

Hriday Gupta Software Engineer Software Company, Bangalore


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I secod this. I do yoga regularly and so does the best trader in our chatroom. If any such session is held in Delhi. Please let me know. Earlier, I had written a post in a somewhat lighter vien. Only day before yesterday I recd an e-book "mental fitness for traders" (I can pass it around if someone can suggest an alternative to emailing). Though I have not gone through it, it must be having something on Yoga which is one of the best means of balancing fear and greed on which our dear stockmarket runs.

Is it not ironic that despite being better off than the previous generations, we are not truly happy, truly ecstatic in life?
This is unfortunately true. This is because applied spirituality has always lagged way behind applied science. The standard of living has improved but that of life has deteriorated. I have read articles which state that Stress Management and Depression is one of the biggest challanges of the 21st century. The great psychiatrist trader Alexander Elder has said in his book that the stock market is like manic depressives with mood swings which is the most vulnerable category. People with creative bent of mind should be very careful.

A word of caution here. People who suffer from extreme stess get obsessed by Yoga because of its benefits. Yoga however is the solution at the effect level. The problem which caused the stress in the first place should be removed from the root cause. Doing yoga and not doing that is missing the wood for the trees. Simple example- A stressed out student who does yoga regularly but does not study regularly. The corporate world is full of inter personal conflict which can be eliminated to a great extent by ERP computer software or addressing certain issues in writing rather than verbal wars of attrition. Not doing things like that and doing too much yoga does not pay in the long run.

Among the eight principles of Ashtanga yoga, there is one called "Niyam" which to my mind also implies how one conducts oneself in the real world. Harmonious work relationships and fitting with your occupation is the real yoga because 75 percent of life goes in the work place and if that is taken care of, one may not even need to do hatha yoga though for general health it is fantastic. It helped me in problems like slip disc and insomnia. Many problems are also because of lifestyle p which has to be altered for real benefits to accrue.

One thing I would like to emphasize- Medical science is more good for injury than disease. Sometimes though in extreme cases, both can be followed as a kind of hedging strategy.

This was a similar post written long back with some additional tips
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Dear Sh50

The person who can be contacted in Delhi for SSY program is

Mr. Rajkumar Gupta

This program is not only about Yoga, but about many aspects which can aid you in finding Happiness this very moment.



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Hi everybody,

Yoga is more than 4000 years old. But it is more relevant today than ever before.

- As part of promoting yoga practice among the people in our area, we are conducting yoga practice sessions for ladies and gentlemen.

- We are conducting practice classes for the last 4 years.

- Presently we are running 5 batches of yoga practice sessions, three batches for ladies and two batches for gents, each of 75 minutes duration.

- The programs are conducted concurrently in two separate halls in the mornings and the evenings.

- We have a strength of about 250 practitioners and about 12 teachers.

- All services are rendered free and no fees is collected.

- We also run a yoga clinic for the benefit of people.

- The yoga teachers and executive committee members are senior retired govt. officers and businessmen, and offer their services without any renumeration.

- We run the activities by donations in cash and kind made by noble minded people around us who know our activities.

- This post is NOT for collecting any donations. We don't accept any donations from people who do not participate in our activities.

- I take this oppurtunity to appeal to people to organise into groups and organise yoga practise sessions in their homes/ nearby public places. We can provide help to any group interested in promoting yoga in their area.


Members of this forum living in Hyderabad and close to Kukatpally area & interested in joining yoga practice classes may e-mail me, to know more details.

Thanks for your valuable time.

Best regards.

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