Basic question about Increasing risk level and Position sizing

Hey traders,

I had a very basic question that I just wanted to confirm

I trade with a capital of 5 Lakhs and risk 0.25% ( Rs 1250) per trade and make anywhere from 5-10 trades a week

I wanted to increase my risk level to 0.5% ( Rs 2500) per trade

and as I get confident further increase it to 0.75% and 1% in the future

However when I use a risk level of 0.5%, in some of my trades, the overall position becomes too big and above my 5 Lakh Limit - preventing me from making the trade.

So does this mean that to risk 0.5% of my capital on each trade I would have to start trading with Leverage (Margin/ Futures contracts)?

Just wanted to confirm this,


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